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Research Contracts concluded in the period 2010-2015


Projects whose execution was concluded in the period 2010-2015 are listed below, organized by funding entity

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European Research Contracts



  1. BioQuaRT – “Biologically weighted quantities in radiotherapy” (JRP SIB06). Funding scheme: European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP), Joint Research Project (JRP); Leading institution: PTB (Germany); Portuguese team: Pedro Teles (Portuguese Coordinator), Octávia Monteiro Gil, Ana Belchior: Start date: June 2012. EURAMET funding (IST): 100.000 €.
  2. RENEB - "Realizing the European NEtwork on Biodosimetry". Funding scheme: Coordination and Support Action (CSA). Leading institution: BfS (Germany). Portuguese participants: Octávia Monteiro Gil (Portuguese Coordinator), Pedro Vaz. Start date: 1st January 2012. EU funding (IST): 29,960.00 €.
  3. EAGLE - Enhancing educAtion, traininG and communication processes for informed behaviors and decision-making reLatEd to ionising radiation risks. Stakeholder Group. EURATOM/FP7call on Public information, education and training in the field of ionising radiation. Portuguese participant: Isabel Paiva.



Dec-11 Nov-14 REWARD Development of detection capabilities of difficult to detect radioactive sources and nuclear materials - capability project 322.4 José Pedro Vaz
Dec-11 Nov-14 MetroMetal Ionising radiation metrology for the mettallurgical industry 182.6 Carlos Oliveira
Nov-10 Oct-14 TRASNUSAFE Traning Schemes on Nuclear safety culture 96.1 José Pedro Vaz
May-10 Oct-13 ANDES Accurate Nuclear Data for nuclear Energy Sustainability 80.0 Isabel Ferro Gonçalves
Mar-09 Dec-12 ENTRAP-II European Network for Education and Training in Radiation Protection 70.4 José Pedro Vaz
Mar-08 Sep-12 ACSEPT Actinide recycling by separation and transmutation 78.1 Maria I. Paiva
Apr-09 Sep-12 CDT Central Design Team 131.8 José Pedro Vaz