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C2TN - Organisation and Managment of the Scientific Activity


The research activity is developed along three Thematic Strands, and performed by six Research Groups in the framework of research Projects.


Thematic Strands

Radiopharmaceutical Sciences and Health Physics / Diagnosis, Therapy and Public Health

Coordinator - António Rocha Paulo

Earth Systems , Radioactivity and Cultural Heritage / Environmental Sciences

Coordinator - Isabel Prudêncio

Advanced Materials / Materials Science and Engineering

Coordinator - Manuel Almeida



Research Groups and their Coordinators

Radiopharmaceutical Sciences, (CR) - António Rocha Paulo

Nuclear Engineering and Techniques, (ETN) - Maria Isabel Dias

Solid State, (ES) - Manuel Almeida

Radiological Protection and Safety, (PSR) - Pedro Vaz

f-Element Chemistry, (QEf) - João Paulo Leal

Radiation, Elements and Isotopes, (REI) - Fátima Araújo


The figure shows the interconnection between Thematic Strans and Research Groups


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The scientific management is the responsibility of a Scientific Board (Coordinating Commission of the Scientific Council), composed by the three members of the Executive Commission of the Center, the Coordinators of the three Thematic Strands, and the coordinators of the six Research Groups.

The Scientic Board is advised by an external Advisory Borad.