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Coordinator: Dr. Maria de Fátima Araújo
Thematic Strands:

Advanced Materials
Earth Systems, Radioactivity and Cultural Heritage




GREI is a multidisciplinary group with expertise on nuclear related analytical techniques for elemental and isotopic determinations, ionizing radiation technologies and dating, focusing their research in Environment Studies, Cultural Heritage and Materials Sciences. The group operates an Ionizing Radiation Facility with gamma and e-beam sources and other facilities dedicated to: elemental and isotopic analysis and trace element determinations (IRMS, HPLC/ICPMS); Radiocarbon dating; Tritium determination; and microbiological and chemical analysis of the effects of radiation in/on products. GREI has also expertise in MeV ion microbeam analytical techniques. Major research fields are: environmental pollution; coastal palaeoenvironmental evolution and climate changes; water quality, protection and management; wastewater treatment; provenance, manufacturing technologies and chronological framework of ancient artefacts; materials processing by ionizing radiation for biomedical and industrial applications and conservation of cultural artefacts.