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Coordinator: Dr. António Rocha Paulo
Thematic Strand: Radiopharmaceutical Sciences and Health Physics (RSHP)




The Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Group (RSG) develops fundamental and applied research activities on the design and preclinical evaluation of radioactive probes for Molecular Imaging by PET or SPECT and Targeted Radionuclide Therapy, in tune with society priorities in the Life Sciences and Health domain. It is a multidisciplinary field that involves the contribution from Chemistry, Radiochemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biology. This research area with valuable translational potential is relevant for the diagnostic and treatment of oncological, cardiovascular or neurodegenerative diseases, and might contribute for the rise of molecular and personalized medicine. To tackle this goal, the RSG is mainly involved in the study of innovative target-specific radiopharmaceuticals, based on a plethora of imaging or therapeutic radionuclides, to image/interfere with different disease-associated molecular and biological pathways. This includes, namely, the development and evaluation of molecular/nanosized tools for a theranostic approach to cancer, based on PET (e.g 64Cu, 68Ga) and SPECT (99mTc,67Ga, 111In) radiometals and on beta- (e.g. 188Re) or Auger-emitting (e.g. 125I) therapeutic radionuclides.