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Coordinator: Dr. Manuel Leite de Almeida
Thematic Strands:

Advanced Materials

Earth Systems, Radioactivity and Cultural Heritage



The Solid State Group is a multidisciplinary research group focused on the study of selected new materials with unconventional electrical and magnetic properties. The group combines a wide range of expertise ranging from the synthetic chemistry of either molecular materials with transition metal complexes and electro active organic molecules or intermetallic compounds, to many different specialised solid state characterisation techniques. Besides molecular synthesis, high temperature and crystal growth X-ray diffraction laboratories, the facilities developed maintained and operated by the group include the Low Temperature and High Magnetic Field Laboratory (LTHMFL). This laboratory hosts different equipment for measurements at low temperatures down to 0.3 K and under high magnetic fields up to 18 T, including several magnetometers (SQUID, extraction and AC susceptibility) electronic transport and magnetotransport characterisation and Mössbauer spectroscopy.