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G3 6

Inductively Coupled Plasma–Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) is a versatile technique capable of detecting and measuring concentrations of most elements of periodic table, making it suitable for a large number of analytical needs. Besides cultural heritage, which was the main focus of use of ICP-MS at C2TN, this technique has been optimised to cover more scientific areas and sample matrices. Microwave digestion was efficiently optimised for partial/total digestion of air particulate matter (APM). ICP-MS methodology was optimised for determination of major and trace elements in APM and for determination of rare earth elements in ionic liquids, soils, sediments, plants and waters from distinct environments. APM characterisation by ICP-MS allowed the application of source apportionment tools and trajectory statistical methods, which showed contribution of Sahara desert dust long range transport events to air quality in Lisbon district, and a non-crustal origin of Ni/V/Pb/Zn/Cr/Cd/Cu/As highlighting their anthropogenic sources (traffic, combustion and industrial emissions).