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Laboratories for Cell Studies 


This facility includes a laboratory for Cell Culture and a laboratory for In Vitro Studies of radioactive compounds
The Cell Culture laboratory is equipped with CO2 incubators, biohazard cabinets, a low temperature freezer (-80ºC) and a refrigerated centrifuge with conventional rotors, and inverted and conventional optical microscopes. The laboratory for In Vitro Studies of radioactive compounds is equipped with a fume hood, instruments for radiation measurement and a microplate UV-vis spectrophotometer.
In the Cell Culture laboratory a small collection of primary and cancer cell lines of animal or human origin is used to evaluate non-radioactive and radioactive compounds. The cell studies include: cytotoxicity and radiotoxicity assays, uptake, internalization, externalization and subcellular distribution studies as well as immunoreactivity, receptor affinity and mechanistic studies.


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CO2 Incubator and Biohazard Cabinets


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Left - Refrigerated centrifuge with conventional rotor;  Right - Optical microscope


Main equipment

Microplate UV-vis spectrophotometer
Fume cupboard for radioactive binding assays
CO2 incubators
Biohazard cabinets
Low temperature freezer (-80ºC)
Refrigerated centrifuge with conventional rotors
Inverted and conventional optical microscopes



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