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Synthesis of Radiocompounds Laboratories 


These laboratories are under negative pressure and are equipped with hot cells, glove boxes and fume hoodsthat allow for the safe handling of radioactive compounds.
These facilities are also provided with High Performance Liquid Chromatography Systems (HPLC) coupled to UV-vis and Gamma Detectors, a Thin Layer Chromatography Scanner and an Electrophoresis Apparatus dedicated to the characterization and quality control of the radioactive compounds,
This infrastructure is also equipped with radiation monitors, dose calibrators and gamma counters for safety control and measurement of radioactivity. These laboratories are regularly used for training on radiopharmacy (students from ESTeSL and resident physicians in Nuclear Medicine)


5 400   6 400

Laboratories for the Synthesis of Radiocompounds                  Hand and foot radiation monitor


7 400   7 400a

Hot cells dedicated to radiosynthesis


8 400   9 400

Glove boxes dedicated to the radiosynthesis of radiohalogenated compounds and Analytical HPLC coupled to and UV detector


10 400

Training on radiopharmacy


Main equipment

Analytical HPLC coupled to and UV detectors (2)
Thin Layer Chromatography Scanner
Electrophoresis Apparatus
Dose calibrator
Multi-channel -counter


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