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Clean-room Laboratory for Sample Processing 


The "Clean Room" Laboratory is a transversal infrastructure for sample handling and preparation for nuclear and nuclear related trace element analytical techniques.

Characteristics of the Facility

ruteThe "Clean room" Laboratory enables GLP required for R&D activities as indicated by International Quality Systems. The room is classified as "Class 10000" and has as principal characteristic the existence of a filtered air injection system (HEPA filter with 99.99% efficiency for particles with diameter larger than 0.3 µm) that creates an increase of internal pressure relative to external pressure (measured relative pressure of 8 Pa) and a vertical laminar flow bench, "Class A" with 30% extraction. The laboratory is also temperature controlled. Personnel from a certified company periodically perform the environment control of the facility.
The maintenance and use of this environment-controlled facility follow rules in what concerns area cleaning, static mat use at entrance, feet protection, appropriate dressing, type of sample to be handled, and registers of equipment used.
Different equipment is associated to the "Clean Room" Laboratory, mainly related to biomedical and environmental matrices processing for trace element analysis. Sample freeze-drying, powdering at room and cryogenic temperatures (vials of zirconium or agate and Teflon), pelletising, digestion with conventional and microwave ovens (homemade digestion and Microwave "Parr" bombs), weighing (10µg precision balance accessible mainly devoted to filter particulate matter load measurements), and target preparation for nuclear analytical techniques are the main methodologies available.



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