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Light Isotope Laboratory 


The Light Isotope Laboratory performs the determinations of the 18O/16O, 15N/14N, 13C/12C and 2H/1H in liquid, solid and gas samples. This methodology is being applied in Water Resources studies (protection and management), Palaeohydrology, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoceanography, Environmental Geochemistry and Archaeometry, either in the framework of financed research projects or services to the scientific community and municipalities. Research is mainly based in the understanding of the natural abundance variations of the light element isotopes in Nature. Interpretation is made by comparison with international standards and with regional isotopic variations.

The laboratory is equipped with:
- Sample preparation Laboratory
- Laser spectroscopy LGR – 24d
- Mass Spectrometer Geo SerCon 20-20
- Elemental Analyzer EA – SerCon

Laser Spectroscopy LGR – 24d

Laser Spectroscopy LGR – 24d is dedicated to the determination of δ18O and δ2H in water samples,mainly in the investigation of hydrogeological problems, such as, groundwater salinization mechanisms, identification and quantification of the degree of mixing between hydrological systems, definition of recharge areas, dynamic characterization of hydrological systems and characterization of palaeoenvironments by isotopic signals encoded within the water samples.

light isotope lab 0

Photos of the Laser Sp – 24d; isotopic results applied in Water Resources protection and management.

Mass Spectrometer Geo SerCon 20-20

The Mass spectrometer Geo SerCon 20-20 allows the determination of δ18O, δ15N and δ13C in a wide variety of samples: sediments, soils, water, biota.
The use of δ15N together with δ13C (water and sediments) allows the identification of anthropogenic activities in the environment, i.e., intensive land use for agriculture, disposal of organic wastes, identification of nitrates origin in aquifer systems for example.
Determination of C, N and δ13C allows the assessment of the origin of organic matter deposited in coastal environments related to palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, anthropogenic impacts, sea level and climatic changes.

light isotope lab

Photos of the Mass spectrometer Geo SerCon 20-20; field work campaigns and sampling preparation.


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