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Air Quality Laboratory


The Air Quality Laboratory is equipped with instruments for evaluating

the ambient air quality

meteorological stations and samplers to collect particles with different size ranges, in different matrixes, in a simple or sequential way;

  • Gent samplers -  simultaneous sampling of PM5 and PM2.5-10
  • Partisol 2000 – Thermo Scientific – sampling of PM10 or PM5
  • Sven Leckel samplers to collect PM10 and PM5

the indoor air quality

equipment to monitor gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, ozone, formaldehyde and PM mass and number concentrations;

  • Dust Track DRX 8533 - simultaneous and online measurement of PM10, PM5, PM5, PM1
  • Particle counter 10nm-1um TSI 3007
  • Graywolf -  Wolfsense Solutions – simultaneous and online measurement of VOC, CO, CO2 and O3
  • Formaldemether htV-m – online measurements of CH2O



personal equipment to measure exposure to particles and black carbon and GPS.

  • Sioutas Personal Cascade Impactor (simultaneous sampling of PM25, PM0.25-0.5, PM0.5-1,PM1-2.5)
  • PM5 and PM10 Impactor PEMTM (sampling of PM2.5 and PM10)
  • Pumps Leland Legacy
  • Defender Calibrator (BIOS)
  • Micro Aethalometer AE51


MA3 MA1  MA2



Participation of NET aerosol samplers in an inter-comparison exercise organized by IAEA in NCSR-Demokritos, Greece.


Contact Person: Marta Almeida


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