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 Laboratory of Catalysis


The Laboratory of Catalysis (LC) is engaged on fundamental and applied research in the field of f-block elements chemistry.

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Research activities can be grouped in the following categories:

Synthesis and characterization of lanthanides or actinides (U, Th) binary intermetallic compounds (IC), including nano IC.

Preparation of bimetallic oxide catalysts using the intermetallic compounds as catalytic precursors, including nanobimetallic oxides.

Preparation and characterization of chloride and carbonate molten salts containing f-block elements.

Activation of methane and reactivity studies with carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, e.g., for the synthesis of hydrocarbons or alcohols.



Cooperation - contacts

The LC is open to cooperation, including the exchange of senior researchers as well as graduate students.
If you are interested in doing your master, PhD or post-doctoral work in Catalysis, the LC will be pleased to receive you. Grants for researchers and students having obtained a diploma in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering, or an equivalent diploma or foreign qualification, can be submitted to the Portuguese Foundation for science and Technology (FCT).


The f-Element Chemistry Group and the Laboratory of Catalysis will be pleased to receive your.


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