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LTHMFL - Electrical Transport Properties Laboratory


In this laboratory we have two closed cycle cryostats (17K-300K) that we use for characterization of the new materials that are synthesized and studied at C2TN. They are prepared to measure resistivity, thermoelectric power, thermal conductivity and specific heat, with suitable homemade probes.


Resistivity measurement cell

Our measurement cells are designed for small samples, since they were aimed at measuring small organic single crystals, from 0.5mm up to a few mm (length). All measurements are automated with self-made programs.
This equipment is mainly used to study transport properties of molecular organic conductors, thermoelectric materials and d and f intermetallic compounds.

Responsible Researcher: Elsa Branco Lopes.

Access to the equipment: 

This equipment is available to scientific community on the basis of research cooperation and co-authorship of publications in peer-reviewed international scientific journals and Conference presentations.