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LTHMFL - SQUID Magnetometer Facility


(REEQ/322/QUI/2005; Equipment financed by Managing Authority and Funding FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia)

The SQUID facility (Cryogenic Ltd., model S700X) is one of the most sensitive instruments for DC and AC measurements of magnetic properties as a function of magnetic field and temperature, with a resolution down to 10-11 Am2.

squid400    squid2

SQUID Magnetometer Facility                                             3He insert

This unit S700X comprises a standard variable temperature insert operating in the range 1.5-400 K inside a 7 T magnet. The temperature range of operation can be extended down to 0.3 K with a 3He insert. In addition to static magnetization, the AC magnetic susceptibility can be measured from 0.01 to 500 Hz.
The presence of a secondary pick-up coil in the main magnet assembly allows the simultaneous measurement of both axial and transverse components of the magnetization. This transverse axis facility and a motor to rotate the sample, in steps of 0.1 degree, enable the determination of sample anisotropic effects.
This equipment is mainly dedicated to study samples with relatively low moments such as multifunctional molecular-based materials, molecular materials with transition metal complexes and electro active organic molecules, small single crystals, films and nanoparticles.

Responsible Researcher: Laura C. J. Pereira.

Access to the equipment:

This equipment is available to the scientific community, on the basis of research cooperation and co-authorship of publications in international scientific journals and presentations in Conferences.