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LTHMFL - VSM Magnetometer Facility

 (Research Infrastructures 2013-Proj. nº1801P.00734; Equipment financed by Managing Authority and Funding FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia)

VSM magnometer facility 

This liquid based flow cryostat with a 14T superconducting magnet (Cryogenic Ltd) provides a versatile and powerful device for both magnetic and electrical properties measurements in a wide range of temperatures (1.6K-375K) and magnetic fields (-14T-14T).
The magnetometer module includes a VSM for DC magnetization and a Susceptometer for AC magnetic susceptibility. Magnetic moments are determined within the range 10-6-100 emu and AC susceptibility can be measured with a sensitivity of 10-7 emu/Gauss, in the frequency range 1Hz-20kHz and a phase setting accuracy of 0.1°.
The module for electrical properties measurements has a single axis rotating probe (out of plane) allowing measurements at different angles. Electrical resistivity measurements can be performed in samples with resistance in the range from 100 nΩ to 1 GΩ.

Responsible Researcher: Laura C. J. Pereira.


Access to the equipment:

This equipment is available to the scientific community, aiming the cooperation and co-authorship on a scientific collaborative basis. In the absence of a national funding programme, external users are expected to cover liquid helium consumption and other operational costs.