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Seminars of C2TN

Aurophilic Luminescent Hydrogels, João Lima - REQUIMTE
It’s Getting Hot in Here: Intracellular Temperature Sensing Through Light Emission, Luís Carlos - CICECO

These webinars are part of ChemMat Doctoral Programme Workshop 2020

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November 11, 2020 | online

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C2TN performs R&D, Advanced Training & Education, Consulting and other Services in Nuclear Sciences and Technologies, being a strategic Unit for the Portuguese R&D and innovation policies in this area.
The Center is recognised as Excellent by the national funding agency FCT.


Research activity carried out based on research programmes with clearly defined objectives and strategies, as well as working and evaluation practices, in a continuous improvement of the quality of the human resources and research.


Active participation in Technology Platforms, consortia, networks of excellence, clusters, international organizations and associations , fostering collaborative and cooperation links .


C2TN operates a long list of own research facilities and equipment. In addition C2TN researchers can easily access other in Campus facilities, some of which are unique in the Country.


Always pursuing more and better advertisement, outreach and dissemination – by a proactive and effective attitude in the promotion of the Nuclear Sciences and Technologies

2017   Catarina Galinha (SIC Mulher)The PhD Work of Catarina Galinha was subject of a television play in the program "Retratos de Saúde".
“Selenium is an essential micronutrient for human health, but its deficiency may affect at least one billion people worldwide. Plants and plant-derived products transfer the soil-uptaken Se to humans through the food chain, which is hardly enough when soils have been always poor or already exhausted in bioavailable Se species. Other than agronomic methods for enhancing Se levels in cereals, such as soil and foliar supplements, seed enrichment may be viewed as an alternative Se-biofortification technique.”